Greetings all
My birth name is Jasmine Benayia Rollerson, I gravitated toward using my middle name as a stage name for my writing because I feel that it’s unique and I added love at the end to add the magical spark “BenayiaLove✨“ I began writing when I was in high school (2005) whenever I got bored in the house and didn’t want to hang with friends lol. I always felt my writings should be kept private because I revealed the deepest intimacies between me and myself so it just didn’t seem right to share them with anyone else. As I grew old my poems grew stronger and it force me to break out of my complacency of being alone, just me and my poems. I am now 26 and this is the first year I’ve shared my work with the world and I must say I wish I stared sooner, I feel so much joy when I write and when I’m able to connect, heal, and inspire others. I have discovered other gifts i possess such as Oracle Card reading, mediumship, clairvoyance and more to come✨I hope to reach you with my magical rituals, namaste