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Author completed his culinary study from renowned Switch Culinary Management Institute. Researched on National and International cuisine. Received 11 awards from India and 3 from other countries.

1. Food Discovery Award 2018 (winner)
2. Indian Traditional Chef Award 2017 (winner)
3. Authentic Food collection Award of India 2016 (winner)
4. Indo Fusion Food Award 2015 (winner)
5. Aboriginal Recipe Award 2014 (winner)
6. Best Rural Thali Award of India 2013 (winner)
7. Innovative Food Award 2012 (winner)
8. Table Manners Award 2010 (winner)
9. Indian Food Researcher Award 2009 (winner)
10. Food Traveller Award 2008 (winner)
11. Little Cuisine Award 2007 (winner)
12. Umami Award 2006 (winner)
13. Gourmet of the Year Award 2005 (winner)
14. Authentic Cuisine Award 2004 (winner).

India is the world’s most diversified country, where food culture and language change after every 20 kilometer. Travelling all rural remote Indian villages and cities since 1999 to discover, research, cook and taste every Indian food, yes every, i.e. Regional, Aboriginal, Traditional, Historical, Modern and Fusion foods. Discovered 72,593 Indian dishes, tasted 9,741 dishes, cooked 7,925 dishes and is on. Claimed to be the world’s largest food collection. Presently engaged to make © WORLD’S LARGEST FOOD BLOG® along with © BEST INDIAN FOOD BLOG®