Every parents wants the best for their children, exposing your kids to an electric toothbrush is the best gift any parent can give their kids. This is because by their very nature electric toothbrush are calibrated with best teeth cleaning practices in mind. This is especially the case with ​the Best Kids Electric Toothbrush whic invariably will have a timer and a quardpacer. The timer alerts you when you have brushed for the dentist recommended time of 2 minutes for quality teeth cleaning while the pacer ensures that you brush every part of your mouth/teeth effcetively. The dental structure is divided into four parts. The quardpacer will buzz every 30 seconds to signal you to move to the next section of the mouth. Getting your children electric toothbrushes encourages them to brush frequently. This is because every ​Best Kids Electric Toothbrush comes with an appa fully packed with exciting fun activities that kids find engaging and as a result they will time be hooked to brushing their teeth, if only to have fun melodies and characters from the app.