Sarita Shoemaker

I love my kids, husband, pets, the Earth and family.

My Top 5 feelings: gratitude, honor, honesty, respect, encouragement.

Pretty certain this is how most of us would answer the prompt "About Me".

Enough about About You?


I am no longer a Scientologist. I didn't join willingly to begin with and was brain washed into believing, from 1975 until 2012, into allowing them to control my mind.

I'm really a nobody in the big picture of life but I might be able to help you leave. I finally did and it has taken 5 years to get the courage up to SPEAK OPENLY about what happened to me, my sister (I'll let her tell her story) and my mom.

Bottom line: you can believe whatever you want but SERIOUSLY (no matter what religion you are in) they should not dictate what you are allowed to KNOW. You should be free to walk where you want, when you want. Say what you want to anyone you wish. YOU SHOULDN'T BE AFRAID OF ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING! If you are scared of THINKING something, you are in the wrong place.

At the risk of being declared even more of a "Suppressive Person" (which I have yet to have confirmed) I just want you to know that I am a safe person to talk to. I won't judge you. I'll help you get out.