I have collections' of poems written and published by me and many more books to be sold.Interested people can contact through email.
I can do translations or subtitlings and proofreadings and copy editing among kannada, english and hindi.I am a retired associate professor of electronics and communication engineering. I am qualified in hindi upto praveshika of dakshinBhath hindi prachar sabha, madras. I can work in telugu also upto some extent.I have translation experience of 2 years

I have done subtitling to some part of a movie.

I have received many prizes and awards for poetry work at state and national levels. I have written the songs on spot and presented in ‘ Kavya prapancha' programme of UDAYA TV during 1998.Also I have recited my comical poems in ETV kannada in the programme 'joke falls',during 2003. Also I have produced two kavana sankalanas means collection of poems. Also I write jokes and comical short stories. My articles have been published in magazines and news papers. I have received 10 awards also, for my literature work.I have received around 45 prizes in poetry competitions.Some two hundred articles have been published in magazines.

I have written songs in kannada, English ,hindi and only one in telugu.
S.T.Bhagyalakshmi ME
091 080 23408944