Chandler Arizona

Born in Deva, Romania. The region know to the world as Transylvania. I had no idea what "communism" meant at that time. I loved my life as a child. I loved the nature and the people around me. I never knew my father until I came to the United States of America. In Nicolae Ceaucescu's Romania; no on leaves voluntarily and specially for reasons of "religious persecution." What I knew at 5 years old was that the only way to leave Romania was by death or escape which would lead to certain death. Somehow, my entire life deep inside I've always known that there was a mystery regarding my father's departure from Romania in 1977. Then by an act of God, he was able to bring his family to the United States of America in 1981. I didn't like America when I arrived. I didn't know my father. I soon realized he was a dark twisted man. He was authoritarian and did everything he could to force feed me his brand of brainwashing. I invented my own work for it..."The Pentestical." Years later,...much later, I realized that my father was a "Securitate" meaning a secret police officer. Not surprisingly. I've been on the path of resistance since I was 5 years old. I will never surrender my mind. I will never give up control to any authority that wants to tell me what to think. I alone will keep that as my last will and testament. It is my divine right and I will not give up control. I will always rebel.

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