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I was lucky, when I was a little girl I found my one true love, reading. Back then I loved when I was visiting my Nanna and she would take me to the local library, where I could sit for hours and read about the Greek and Norse mythology. As I grew older I started visiting by myself, and the local librarians knew me well, because come closing time, I would still sit there on the floor totally engulfed in my books. In school my BFF and I would exchange books almost daily, that we'd read and just totally recommended to the other one, mostly about creatures that goes bump in the night. Troublesome as we might have been, no one could deny that we were well read.

As I grew older I've never lost my love for reading, which is why I love eBooks. While NOTHING beats the feeling of sitting with the book physically and turn the pages the old school way, it has made it a lot lighter for me to travel. As I'm living abroad I used to bring anywhere between 3-10 books with me when I was going back home to visit my family, which left very little room in my luggage for necessities.

Today, as a thirty something mother of two fur babies, I'm still reading as much as possible - and the good thing about being the mother of two cats is, that they pretty much look after themselves as long as I don't forget about their feeding times. This leaves me so much spare time to do what I love. At the moment I'm trying my best to keep broadening my reading horizon, instead of reverting back to old favourites. In December 2017 I discovered Reverse Harem and in March 2018 I discovered the ménage and Polyamory book genres. So, while my current obsession seems to be steamy reads, I can never fully let go of my first two interests which are mythology - especially anything with Greek, Roman and/or Norse and paranormal creatures.