I'm an avid reader and I have always wanted to start my own book blog so I finally decided to start it. I write my own stories but have never finished them for them to be published but I always try to share them with my best friend, my mother who is also an avid reader and writer.

My TBR list is so long that I am afraid to actually try and count it because there is so many but that doesn't mean I won't add more. I have so many physical books in my apartment and many unread ebooks on my nook and kindle app that is on my nook.

I am a book, tea addict and am not on the way to any recovery because this is where I am supposed to be. I'd have to say that these are my only bad habits and I am not ashamed of them. I also like to speak my mind about things, especially books. However, I do respect other people's opinions and thoughts and thoroughly enjoy discussing them.

I am an only child and I find other people's opinions and choices of books fascinating as well as their likes and dislikes. I can discuss things for forever because I can never get bored of it.

I am an extrovert with introvert tendencies so sometimes I will not be on my blog all the time and post everyday but I plan to be very active. When I am not on my blog I will most likely be curled up somewhere reading an exciting or steamy book or when life gets in the way of the fun things.