Well it’s day 1 of my new change in lifestyle.
I’m 42years old and a dad to 3 daughters. I’m overweight and very unfit. Hate is a strong word but it’s
Safe to say that I actually hate myself and the way I look and feel. Despite doing a physical job the moment I leave the house I get junk food from the shop to get me through the day.
I’m massively addicted to junk food (crisps) and do love a drink.
Last night I felt it was time to change the way I look, feel and go about my life for everyone including me.

So I stood on the scales and they read an embarrassing 132.8kilos just under 21 stone I only get away not looking massively over weight with being so big as I’m 6’4” tall. So I found my trainers and shorts put them on and asked my middle daughter Annie if she would run with me. Thinking we could start the couch to 5k. When I say run that’s the loses of loose terms more a waddle. Asked Annie if she would run up the road and back with me. Horrendous really hiding behind my daughter to go for a run but I felt if anyone sees us they wouldn’t notice that I can’t run and also massively overweight and think how lovely father and daughter going for a jog together. We, well actually I
Managed to do just over 1km today. Sounds silly to say now I feel shattered and very tired 5 hours after doing the jug. But I got out and started this journey.