My name is Erin. I am a young adult who has been diagnosed with bipolar in spring of 2014. I also am an addict/alcoholic. I created this site not only to share my messages and trials and tribulations with the general public, but also to share my journey of enlightenment and wellness through holistic health. I enjoy photography, running, yoga, lifting, meditation, eating clean, arts and crafts and playing softball. I was born in 1993 in a suburb in Minnesota. I am on a weight loss journey to lead into a healthy lifestyle. I have officially quit smoking and am working on training for races instead. My higher powers include God, Christ, Buddha, Nature, and the Universe. I believe in serenity and inner peace in order to follow ones tao or path destined by a power greater then ourselves. I love animals and plants a lot. I plan on starting a blog for photography. My goal is to work in Public Health and study holistic medicine as well. Who knows where the wind will take my free spirit?