All my life I have pondered the essential questions:

"Why am I here?"
"Why do I suffer?"
"Is there a purpose to creation or is it simply a random occurrence?"
"Does God exist?"

These questions brought me to the study of religion, in general, and of Vedic Philosophy, in particular, for the last 23 years of my life. During my studies I discovered there are two types of reality: that which is readily visible and that which is hidden. Atoms, for example, are hidden from sight. It is thanks to many scientists that were not satisfied with the reality perceived by their senses, that the minute world of atoms was discovered. There are other explorers of hidden reality, those that deal with matters of the spirit, and they have discovered some amazing things as well!

I finally decided to write a novel in a SciFi/Spiritual setting to present my findings to the world. I sincerely hope people like what I have to say.