I am a Mother of 3 amazing children, a Therapist by day/ blogger by night. I am a country girl from the North with a southern daddy. We currently reside in our North countryside home. I am pursuing my passion for Writing & Journalism with blogging but absolutely love my job as a behavioral therapist as I Get to work with Amazing children on the Autistic Spectrum everyday. I Love a challenge and Every second of my day is truley rewarding with juggling lifes many challenges! My hobbies consist of shopping (like most girls :):) ,spending time with family & friends, hiking, Yoga & Pilates, reading, writing, looking at new fashion styles( ♡I LOVE FASHION♡) :) , taking walks, horseback riding and being outside (I am a country girl at ♡ born n raised so u can assume pretty much that I love pretty much anything outdoors! Lol I am a bit of a car buff too (as I grew up having my father as truley my bestest freind ) a mechanic and classic car restorer of 35 years. He taught me so much..(I know it's not really a "girly" hobby as many people don't know about me.. LOL shhhh don't tell anyone else how much i know lol🙂) but one thing I learned as I got older is that I always try to find inspiration in the small things in life each day and embrace it for a most positive outcome!