Gadget Girl 71

Bury, Lancashire, U.K.

I love to read, write, draw, paint, take photos and make cards. So I guess you’d say I’m artistically inclined.

My reading list seem to get bigger nearly every day.
I'm sure I'll never manage to get to the end of my reading list unless I stop buying book. Which is pretty much impossible for me with all the free books around.

If I read lots of books within the year it a big sign for me that I have spent many many nights not sleeping due to my M.E./CFS.

I am lucky that I can now read as I went for years not being able to read more than a scentence. I can’t read anything to heavy as my brain won’t take it in, so I stick to books that are quite easy to read. So no biography’s, autobiographical or non fiction. Which is such a shame as before I became ill I used to read quite intense and heavy book.

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