Just a simple man. That's who I am and what I write about. I like to keep things simple but at the same time, it's a complicated world out there. How do you align the two? A simple man and a complicated world.

I am almost 50 years old and decided to jump into the pool of blogging because of confliction. The generational gaps need a bridge and I feel that if we don't create enough of who we are/were, the generations will have less of a chance of being successful. Take for instance a Gen X'er and a Millennium..... This is a huge jump and one where on a basic level, they could never get along due to basic differences in a complicated world. It is my desire to provide these future generations with enough insight as to who we were and why we thought the way we do. It's the same as us trying to understand where our parents came from and why they were who they were.

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