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Fifty Shades of Love
Fifty Shades of Love - Passion
Fifty Shades of Love - Gratitude

the first set trilogy is done and four Arc reads too. ALL the ARCS are free Kindle Unlimited reads.

A modern love story set in NYC and amidst a backdrop of the FSOG talk and the couple meets on a photo shoot set for Tristan's man of the Year cover spread. Gabriella is a stand in model for her friend Shelly and ELECTRICITY occurs between the two meant to meet.
What follows is a rare relationship and fast paced exchange of Cinderella and the shoes he insists on buying for her from the ad shoot. From there things become very intriguing as 'he had dreams' of seeing her coming into his life. She had no idea she would meet Mr. Right and a knight so perfect. Tantra is part of what happens in this couples strong attraction and sacred sexuality rising.


Writing is my PASSION and my current Project is my “”"BOOK V”"” This has LAUNCHED also with the following ...
THE KISS, THE MIST and THE REBORN. three beautiful novels on this Vampire France mansion KISMET Love story of a Swan Masquerade BALL in Paris mid 1700's. Star crossed lovers and what follows is a history that goes into the PAST into Atlantis and into the modern day now Future. also two novellas with this beautiful story written in ENGLISH PROSE literary style. Music to these books also is original.

Current BOOK Series...Gothic Gates, Gothic Gates Venice, Gothic Gates Switzerland is available on and 'e books'

Alchemy, The Gold Ring
Twin Loves
Novella Alleandrea, his Beloved by r.m.simone'

The worlds ‘i’ create takes the ‘reader’ on a journey into the landscape of feelings and romance and of the Soul. Love lingers on and moves ‘the heart’ to where we all remember times when life was highly romantic and not of ‘this world’… As a ‘writer’ my works present a world to those that go beyond Fairy Tales. Our times now are filled with so much change going on and yet we hope for and wish for the TRUE LOVE connections of Soulmates and in some rare Love moments…TWIN LOVES. All my Books and Stories are around this ‘Theme’.

My gifts though actually present to the reader to Experience the story and characters as beings of such presence that you the reader FEEL the energy behind how this Unfolds and with those Characters lives.

Years ago i began ‘writing’. My work was in design and environments and seeing ‘spaces’ through the eyes of the Energy realms and interior design and feng shui. As i began to ‘write’ an article for a ‘real estate’ agent, the readers found my article TOOK them into the world of FEELING the Haunted Restaurant and its History. Sort of like a walking docent tour through the energy of the building. I found then when i ‘wrote words or described’ what i was feeling and seeing that the reader was experiencing it directly and the Visions of how i worked Opened up the Psychic realms or other Dimensions.

Since childhood i have had a ‘gift’ of medium abilities and seeing things others do not. People that have passed over to the ‘other side is easy to receive contact from. Also since childhood ‘seeing Angels’ and feeling Architecture of vibration and geomancy. Those ‘gifts’ i seem to use when i am writing. How the Written WORD creates and can set a portal of entrance to the reader. Through ‘my eyes’ and words…the reader is taken along on a journey ‘with me’…

Highly romantic times where Avalon and Camelot merge. Courtly times of Ladies and Knights. Times when we all moved from the Heart and with Sweet prose and poetry and Virtue of this Love. My ‘gifts’ i share and this passion and my Love for the Romance Fiction Novel and the exchange of the Love with the Beloved. May you all enjoy my Books and the Worlds of Love ‘i’ share and present to you all.

Roshanda, warmly writing on….

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