Ioana @ booksreenchanted

Hi there! I'm Ioana, a teacher, perpetual student, and book geek, who is looking forward to connecting with YOU! about all things books.

I read books to learn, relax, broaden my horizons, and spark my imagination--or, sometimes, because I'm looking to be entertained or to immerse myself in a particular mood or setting.

In reading as well as in blogging books, I seek primarily to re-enchant my world and understanding - to recover that feeling of awe and inspired creativity so characteristic of childhood, to reimagine my adult-habits in light of a broader sense of unity and purpose, and to counter the mechanistic, routine modes I inhabit as a grown-person burdened by obligations, to-do lists, deadlines, and other such things.

I hope you will join me - I would LOVE to hear your opinions and thoughts, even if (especially if!) you don't agree, or want to share a contrasting perspective.

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