Lauren Brands

A 25- year old avid runner, who qualified for the Boston Marathon in September 2017. I Boston Qualified by running the Lehigh Valley Marathon with a 3:30.59. This race was after three previous marathons (Philadelphia [ ], Chicago [], Long Beach [ ], nine half marathons and countless timed races during my preseason days of Division I collegiate field hockey. I can thank my father, for providing my first pair of sprinters and letting me join him for my first 5k at a "too-young" age. As some may call running a punishment, for me - it's become a sense of gravity. Based in Philadelphia, I am a consultant at a Big 4 Professional Services firm.

Travel & Train is a blog about my journey leading up to Patriot's Day in April. Logging miles is one thing but balancing that goal is a commitment with all else in life - work, social, dietary and physical needs. I hope to share with you the tips and tricks, the do's and the don'ts, that I face as I look to race up Heart Break Hill with the intentions to PR & qualify for the 2019 York City Marathon.