Bree Miles

Where The Sim\'s R

Hi my name is Bree Miles, I'm a late bloomer, I started playing the Sim's 3 since about the 1st week January 2012, my daughter got me hooked on the Xbox 360 game of the Sim's 3, I love it so well, all but the Red Fire Bar, that would limit what you had on your lot, so it made building anything impossible, and Building is my Favorite part of the Sim's, My niece told me about the computer version of the Sim's game and said that it was so much better than the Xbox version, So I bought my first copy of the Sims 3 for Pc it was the base game and also came with pets... I truly fell in LOVE all over again, with the Sims 3, It has to be the most beloved game I have ever played!! As I said before, the building is my favourite part of the Sims, not that I'm any good at it, I'm self-taught in everything I know about computers, so my knowledge is slim to what others no, but I still plug away learning everything I can about them. When I'm not at Real Work, I'm Where The Sim's R...In the end, it's all about the Sim's for me!!!