Physicist, electrical engineer then MBA business man, now retired and trying to bring the facts on physics and engineering to people in a way they can understand. So they can better enjoy the natural world and understand how we can engineer it to be better for us. And, more seriously, to correct the beliefs of those who have been misled by received opinion and pseudo science that is wrong or deceitfully partial on the facts, whether badly taught, poorly informed, or deliberate deceit by extremist lobbies, and even by our government to profit their crony elites, in the great renewable energy fraud on the science facts.

An actual multi £Billon pa fraud that makes the supposed cause of AGW, CO2 from generation, expensively worse, vs. simply building what works 24/7 unsubsidised, sustainable, affordable, adequate, secure, safe. Only gas replacing coal, and nuclear replacing both, can maintain civilisation at current numbers through Earth's next long ice age, and can then last for as long as there are humans on Earth that need the energy. Renewables cannot. Not enough energy.

The fundamentally inadequate and intermittent renewable energy sources, are not enough to power a post-fossil grid, at the levels developed countries need, at any price. And renewables powering the grid system is ultimately unsustainable parasiticism on capable fossil, that is pushed off to let the more subsidised renewable enrgy on, and, of course, renewables can't deliver the energy we need , when we need it, 24/7, w/o renewables' fossil host on the grid producing 2/3 of the energy. The better sustainable alternatives just work, gas as interim replacing coal is massively decarbonising of the grid, nuclear for human ever, 24/7, affordable, all you can eat, no CO2. Just energy science facts.