Browning and Wolff, LLC - The Blog

I've been a knitter since my maternal grand,other taught me when I was four years old. It began a life-long obsession with yarn and knitting and fabulous fiber.

I learned to spin when I was 10 and started knitting socks soon after that. In the late 1980's, I discovered circular sock knitting machines and that was that. I've found the perfect storm of fiber fun--spinning and knitting and playing with sock machines.

I also, thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder, have had a life-long love affair with history, historical interpretation and education, and living history work. How cool that *that* obsession aligns so well with my other obsessions, huh? Lucky me!

I've been told for years now that I should have a blog. I finally do. Let's just hope that I can do it justice. ;)