Bruno Gomes


I am Portuguese. Born in Porto, but created a village (S. Martinho do Conde) around the Guimarães.

The passion for photography appeared in the simplest way and without so little to be expected. I was not influenced by a family member or someone close, it just happened. It was like feeling that one moment. One of the time immortalized forever and that can give us both.

That one image that tells us a complete story, which takes anywhere in any time. Witness the most atrocious and great deeds moments, the happy times …

Yes, that’s what influenced me to like the picture.

And then came the click … the rest you know already.

To be created in the birthplace of Portugal and reside several years in the city invicta, two cities with unusual beauty and that both fascinate me, could not fail to create, in my passion for photography a special pleasure for street photography, and the black & white photography.

How would Gérard Castello Lopes: “Photography is a form of fiction. It is both a reality registration and a self-portrait, because only the photographer sees it that way. “Gérard Castello Lopes