Words for the Soul

The Evergreen State College-BA Communications, 3.8 GPA

Blog Writing 8 years
Proficient at creating and editing sites such as WordPress and Medium.
Poetry published in book, America’s Emerging Writers
4 years of poetry slam presentations
Professional and Creative Writing College Courses
16 Credit Poetry Program from The Evergreen State College
In progress of writing a book from the perspective of a bisexual young adult.
Writing Journalism course from Greenriver State College
Strange News Radio Show Greenriver College
From a family of writers, father published book on relationship between music and the brain.

Social Media Marketing Specialist Outings and Adventures-Writing Facebook posts that increased likes up to 10,000

Social Media Specialist Gage Academy of Art-Wrote about and documented Art galas/events on Facebook/Instagram Page

Social Media Promoter, Camile’s Poetry website/blog-January 2016-present
Writing art blog on paintings and poetry WordPress and The Medium
Work being published America’s Emerging Writers Book
Being Blind in the City” being published in White Print Magazine

Much like social media and finding leads, a teacher must understand who the students are and advance the classroom cased on trends and analysis.

Communications-3.8 GPA
Macy’s final analysis project of consumer and buyer connection. How psychology explains the increase of purchases based on gender.
Final Project 20 page Teaching ESL Strategies and presentation
Classroom of Students with and Without Disabilities Business Plan Proposal
Participated in psychological social media studies in order to understand customers
How Social Media, and Personal Images relates to Crime Recollections