Callaghan Grant

Elsewhere, Florida, USA

Heretic Gnostic Mystic, World Builder, Writer, Artist, Apprentice to Truth, I have died once already. It's lovely beyond description, revelatory but not religious although, in my own NDE, God was not unmentioned. How could what is made of Love discuss anything with another of the same nature without Love's Truth being mentioned at least tangentially?

I am/we are eternal. I am Free. I build worlds and tell stories to help lead my readers to a personal experience of their own Creative Sovereignty, wakening within this dream we call "the world", thus finding the freedom which is their natural inheritance (:Wings!)

I inhabit a body 57 years of age and female. I have two Bachelors Degrees: Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences and Psychology.

I have One Epic Fantasy series of Six books available on Amazon, the last two books of which will be up by the end of the year 2016. This series is called "The Vampyre Episodes". I have a second epic fantasy, called "The Thirty Six Episodes" which intertwines with the aforementioned Vampyre Episodes and, lastly, an (only very) slightly fictionalized Autobiographical work called "The Fiddler's (Laughing) Bride", all of which are inter-tangled and which will be finished by the end of 2016.

I write the column "Constant Companion" for the magazine: "".
All of my work is, just as my life has been, about the nature of "Reality" and Love that transforms The Beloved and The Beloved's world. Come dream with me. I love you all.

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