Camp Gladiator

Camp Gladiator (CG) is a life-changing physical training movement. Certified Personal Trainers lead Camp Gladiator sessions, inspiring participants to challenge themselves and be Better Together.

We provide professional-led, 60-minute training sessions that include strength and aerobic workouts to assist each person find their best self and reach their fitness potential.

What began as a 40-camper Dallas, Texas-based group fitness camp has turned into a countrywide fitness sensation with over 7,500 convenient weekly outdoor exercises and 2,500 weekly LIVE, online workouts positively impacting millions of lives.

CG Company History

Ally Davidson, a competitor, athlete, and fitness instructor, founded and inspires the United States Camp Gladiator community.

2007 - Four hours before her wedding, Ally Davidson auditions for American Gladiators! A good audition earned Ally and her husband Jeff the chance to participate on a special couples program.

Ally and Jeff competed on American Gladiator for four weeks right after their honeymoon, and Ally won the show's Grand Championship. Camp Gladiator was born from her victories.

2008 - Ally's inaugural CG Camp begins in a Dallas parking lot with 40 Campers.

2009 - The fast expanding CG community relocates to Austin, TX.

2016 - Ally Davidson wins EY Entrepreneur of the Year!

In 2011, CG expands its membership throughout the nation, with new facilities opened in Georgia and North Carolina.

2022 - Plans to expand to Arizona, Arkansas, and South Carolina

Camp Gladiator: Vision & Mission

Camp Gladiator's objective has always been to improve kids' health, fitness, and eventually lives.

Everybody should have access to a life-changing fitness experience, therefore Camp Gladiator's 1,000+ CG Partner Trainers work diligently to connect people with fun, tough, and cheap workouts in over 350 cities and 3,500 sites throughout the US.

For more information on how to become a Camp Gladiator Trainer, click here.

CG Workouts: The Science

To assist each individual attain the physical fitness and confidence they deserve, the Camp Gladiator program now includes indoor, outdoor, and online options.

From start to end, Certified Personal Trainers lead CG's award-winning fitness services.

One of the most exciting aspects of CG Camp is the 60-minute full-body workout.

To maximize training effectiveness and assist team members reach their fitness objectives quickly, CG exercises are never the same.

4 week Camp Gladiator curricula include:

Week 1 Endurance exercise to assist campers improve fitness.

Week 2 Strength & Agility routines to develop muscular strength and power, as well as speed and acceleration.

Week 3: HIIT Exercises that encourage the body to save energy and recover rapidly

Week 4 Peak Week Training encourages Campers to push their personal fitness boundaries and exceed expectations.

Thousands of Camp Gladiator routines are done every week to make working out convenient. Finding exercises in your neighborhood and signing up for a subscription that fits for you is simple with the CG location finder.

Members may monitor their progress via the CG App or by checking in with their Trainer.

Members who check in receive points towards a Camp Gladiator BOLD Membership. To acquire CG gear and more, members may utilize points to save on Bold Membership.

This includes both outdoor and online training at Camp Gladiator. Click here to read more about the CG contact page.