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One and a quarter breasted woman and East coast transplant living in the Pacific California San Francisco Bay Area. Dying to get back home to nowhere and living with Stage IV breast cancer. Married to the coolest guy in the universe who occasionally suffers from depression. Family of stepsons. To think I'd have this thankless a job - not! And my best friend Simon, also my cat, and my bestie beastie. If not for his absorptive Tonkinese fur, my tears would flood Silicon Valley.

How do I survive with Cancer, stage IV: treatments including chemo and surgery; palliative oncology; tenacity; a dark sense of humor; support groups; and my newly reinvented career as a vintage and antiques maven. Some days I miss a well respected and well paid life as a business strategist in high tech. 27 years, 80% travel, five cities, one former marriage, zero kids of my own. A brother in Tampa. Stepsister in Georgia. Friends coating the outer crust of the planet I call home.

I blog to simply share my experiences and my poetic approach with others who have cancer of any kind, a debilitating and/or terminal illness (besides life itself), with their care givers, and all those who love them. If one person at least finds a little common ground, solace, a smile, nods in unison about an experience, or even a link to something helpful or some assistance, then I have accomplished a small but extraordinarily meaningful goal.

Miraculously we stand flying on a merry go round the sun communicating and thinking. Wow. Improbably improbable.

Go team.

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