Cara Sofia


Hello everyone! I am Cara Sofia..

Everything started with just an idea to share everything with the world. I want to impart something far from what is mainstream in this generation- far from the extravagant life. It is my hope to make everyone dream big but on the other hand, appreciate what they have and what is in front of them.

To look in the brighter side of things in this journey. There is so much to see and I want to explore the things I haven't seen yet and share it with those who also want to be with me on this adventure.

So if you want to..
-Travel to places and wander in the nature
-Discover foods that you rarely see
-Make fun and take a break from the unending cycle of our daily routine.
-Relationship Advice
-Affordable street fashion
-Sneak peek of the Filipino Culture
-Favorites, Routine, Daily Life and so much more..

We're in this together.
No matter where you are or who you are, continue to rock the world with your awesomeness! xoxoxo