Paige Hales

Wilmington, NC (for now)

Paige works in healthcare in a seaside town full of retirees. She gets bored easy and isn’t opposed to a side hustle or two.

She recently discovered that what she was intuitively making happen in her own life is actually a full blown movement called, “financial independence. “

For two years, she worked to free herself from the bondage of debt, materialism, spendiness and rampant consumerism.

Around the beginning of 2018, she was tipped off to Mr. Money Mustache and that group of outliers. Curiosity piqued, she dug deeper and found a gap of which she is happy to try and fill.

Where’s the gap? There is an alarming amount of people out there older than 35 or 36 that can benefit from learning about and utilizing the tools of financial independence.

They may not be able to retire early with a million dollars in investable assets, but they may be able to retire earlier than they previously thought armed with a nest egg to supplement their “non-making ends meet” monthly social security check.

And most importantly, the reality of retiring comfortably before 72 begins to light up the horizon.

How? Frugality and mind-set transformation.

I don’t mind if it means everyone knows I made huge financial missteps in the past. It means I’m humble enough to admit it and there is the essence of financial independence~living your best life and not worrying about the Joneses.

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