There is this great urge to express myself, to unburden my soul. I can’t sing nor can I paint. The only way I know to express myself is to write, and I love doing it. Creative or factual writing, I am up for it.

I was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa. I am currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I am a mother of 3 lovely children. I am also a practising Muslim with contemporary view.

Most importantly I am proud to say I am a feminist.

I have always had a thing for writing and have self-taught myself by reading a lot and practising. I do have a degree in Business and Finance.
Writing on varied topics won’t be hard for me because of my wide range of life experiences due to being a small-business owner, my age, migration, religion, raising a family and serious health problems.
I love reading, writing (of course), dancing, watching movies and dining out.