The Church / The Way

THE CHURCH is not Religion , 99.9% of antichrist Christions follow the other jesus , 2 Corth 11:4,14-15 , That or THE LAW OF DOCTRINE & PROPHECY , is proof you follow , come out ! of Her . Time is up ! Time will be no more . I'm looking for people, ELECT , FEW , CHOSEN, THE REBUKABLE , SEEKERS OF TRUTH ,TRUTHERS that are sick and tired of religion , because it is not of God ( THE I AM ) but Nimrod BUT IT IS HIS FATHER SATAN WHICH GETS ALL THE SOULS , NIMROD A HUNTER OF SOULS !! ME,( JUST} A MESSENGER NO MORE , WHEN THE LAW OF DOCTRINE & PROPHECY COMES AFTER THE PLOAR SHIFT OR SATANS PHYSICAL APPEARANCE .

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