Alan Taylor

United Kingdom

At the start of the millennium🎆 I built a website selling my dad's *personalized cartoon portraits*

Bought mostly as *special gifts for special occasions* the buyer would supply a facial photograph👤 of their "victim" along with some information💬 about their life

My dad would turn this into a unique drawing✏️ *all about* the person the gift was for - the ultimate personalized gift🎁

This arrangement of me taking care of marketing🛒 whilst my dad drew the pictures worked really well...

Right up to his sudden death⚰️ from a heart attack in 2009 - leaving 5 unfinished orders in the pipeline😱

I'm the first to admit I'm not good at drawing...
And I'm sure the customers would've understood if I cancelled their orders - the artist was dead☠️, after all

In a way, though, this freedom-to-fail encouraged me to find a way of producing personalized cartoons *without* needing much freehand drawing skill...

Over the years I'd seen enough of my dad's cartoons to know he often drew similar objects, labelled differently to refer to different facts about a person's life...

I went through hundreds of cartoons, scanning isolated objects, hands, bodies... into the computer to use as building blocks for future cartoons

After figuring a way of *tracing* a person's facial photo I knew I would always be able to produce an impressive gift, whatever the order

Over the years I've refined the process well enough to teach *anybody* who follows my instructions to produce a highly impressive cartoon portrait