Constance Also known as Connie or just C~ is married to her wonderfully southern husband James from southern Georgia. Along with his daughter Ginny, Connie has her daughter Katarayna. They are all artists in their own personal way. They live in sunny California but have many plans to travel.

Connie is a hobby photographer and loves to do events and landscapes but her favorite is western and country themes. Winning a first place ribbon fired her up and her mom bought her first Mirror less Sony A5000. Loving the Sony cameras her husband bought her the Sony A7RIII. Along with a 24-105mm G OSS lens is a perfect set up.

Currently a member of Blue Line Arts Roseville, CA.

Always having a camera in hand growing up with a 110, 35mm, Polaroid, Disposables, Camera Phone, and my first Mirror less DLSR was in 2017. Connie is happy to shoot digital because film was an expensive hobby. She still has one old trunk and another box full of negatives and pictures.

Connie is a positive voice even when it’s not a positive topic. Everything has some good in it and that is what her focus is. She tries to capture this in her photos.

I have a lot of learning to do about photography, editing and learning my camera. I would love to be invited as a volunteer photographer for your event.

If you are a photographer I would love to shadow you. I would benefit from a photog mentor.


1st Place – “Saddles” – 2017 Western States Horse Expo

2nd Place “Hitched” 2018 Carriage Art Show

1st Place “Wave Swinger” 2018 Sacramento County Fair

1st Place “May the Odds Ever Be In Your Favor” 2018 Sacramento County Fair

2nd Place “Rainbow Bridge” 2018 Sacramento County Fair

2nd Place “Midway Sunset” 2018 California State Fair

Honorable Mention “Golden Rails” 2018 California State Fair


2018 Schools Financial Credit Union Calendar “Midway Sunset”