New York

C. C. Paradise is the first African New York Music Star in the world history to write 1000 Peace Quotes, a Songwriter and Patriot of Justice /Equality for All, who created a peace quotes resource centre where everybody can access thousands of free Peace Quotes for Global Peace Summits on various Social Media Networks.

Works for UNV and Author of "ALL WE NEED IS PEACE"‚Äč world class single music Peace Campaign Sensitization, focusing on the Sustainability of Peaceful Democracy in this our dispensation. Recorded By The Grammy Award Nominees Arty Skye of Skyelab Music Group New York: Access his Peace Song via ReverbNation Link: he donated same peace song for Humanitarian Aid. President/Founder at WORLD PEACE REBIRTH INITIATIVE. Author of the Global Peace Campaign Articles: "DAILY NUGGETS ON PEACE". Adviser on Peace & Conflict Management. Director at National Council of Child Rights Advocates of Nigeria.

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