Charlie Keeble

An Alternating Creative Intellectual Rebel. I have many different interests that I go from time to time. There are many adventures that I have had in my life and I am bringing to you here at my blog.
I am known by many different identities that I use in each of my interests that are here for you to see. The Autistic Conservative advocating for the right of self-determination for neurodiversity and autism as a Conservative. The Grand Geek of Essex with a broad interest in earth and environmental science, baking, travelling, trains, astronomy, Doctor Who and of course British culture. And of course there is the Commonwealth Ambassador for Archery, for which I am a keen bowman shooting for the promotion of archery and the Commonwealth Games.
I have self published a book available from Amazon and I have my own merchandise on Zazzle. I live in Romford and work for Africa House London building bridges between Britain and African countries for commerce and direct trade investment.