I wish there were fewer things I could say about myself. I wish that everything could fit in a half of one page. That these were everyday activities and everyday life events, but they are not. Then again, if they were average, this blog would make no sense. Neither would my life.
All the topics posted on this blog are the topics that were once part of my life, or they still are. Topics that should be written about and discussed. These are topics that are rarely discussed openly and topics that are even less empowering to the person enduring them. Topics perceived from the perspective both of a person who was once a participant, but also from a professional point of view.
Following a catastrophic childhood, I decided to study and travel. This shaped me up as a person. I am a Bachelor of Communication Studies and Master of Social Pedagogy. I chose the first study because of stage fright and panic attacks, and the second one in order to better understand myself, regularities and irregularities in education. Apart from reading, I am inspired by the idea of lifelong learning.
Therefore, every post will be “about me” in the full sense of that phrase, but also about the issues of the society I am part of.