Hi Everyone! We wanted to make a page to share a little bit about ourselves. Up until now, we have not even had a photo. So now you know who the mysterious owners are of The Ad Labyrinth Empire and Mountain Spirit Ads.

We have been life partners and business partners for twenty years. Our lives are so intertwined that we travel, work, live and do everything together.

Last spring, we had an opportunity to become Founders at . That is when the Ad Labyrinth Network/Empire began. We started building right away. To date, we own more than 180 TEs, 5 Mailers 2 Safe List( Our safelist sends out to 700 safelist ) and we Admin about two dozen be sides many programs. At first though, we were only avid advertisers in the market to promote My freelance writing as The Midnight Writer. I worked at that project for eight years and learned a lot about SEO and advertising. Hence, the love for Mailers, Traffic Ad Exchanges and Safe Lists was born.