South Africa

Welcome to my blog, a peek into my world - unmasking the journey to optimism as I strive to live and parent with intent. I am a single parent, I work full-time and study part-time.

Through this blog you may learn about our neurodiversity (Asperger's Syndrome - an Autism Spectrum Disorder) as I share with you some of my experiences. I have many "ah-ha" moments as my relationship with my child guides me to parent for him, and not what others expect parenting to be. I am passionate about parent empowerment, particularly special needs parenting - I believe that the parent is at the heart of the child's success during their formative years when they develop and come into their own as unique individuals.

Besides my son, my greatest love is writing, and you will often come across a fictional post or some poetry. Writing and listening to Coldplay helps me to regulate.

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