Chica Andaluza

Passionate cook, a Brit/Italian with a Spanish partner , aspiring writer and City Slicka turned Spanish Chica. This blog includes chapters from my book City Slicka to Spanish Chica which describes the journey from living and working in London to meeting my Big Man, building a house in Spain with him, and taking on dogs, chickens and vegetables as part of my new life. Share my stories, my recipes, my first steps in sewing, and any thing else that crosses my path and makes me smile.

I now have time to indulge my hobbies of cooking, writing, designing and sewing clothes and the blog shares the highs and lows of what I get up to in my Andalucián mountain hideaway.

I hope you enjoy what you read. Please do leave me a comment, I love to hear from people who pass by and stop for a while.

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