J 101

[ J 101 ]
1. BA Journalism
2. Annie On My Mind, because the book changed the way I viewed gender and sexuality particularly in my personal life.
3. The Handmaiden, for its gripping story about subterfuge and the power of sexual liberation.
4. Jhesset Enano of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, for producing well-researched and awe-inspiring stories on underreported topics such as climate change and the environment.
5. Red Velvet, a Kpop girl group; their songs have variety and I enjoy their R&B tracks.
6. Pinterest, Inc. a social media website where people can save and discover information on the web using images, GIFs, and videos. This is typically used for creating "Pinterest boards" where you can collect inspiration for home decor, website design, and more.
7. Yang Chow Fried Rice; because I grew up eating this every time there was a special occasion, and I associated its taste with family.
8. I am trying to learn birdwatching.