Rome, Reggio Emilia, Milan, Italy

Content writer and digital specialist.

I wrote “Awaytowellness” paper book.
This blog was supposed to be the online free version. The book raised by my successful researches in fitness and nutrition. Meanwhile, I experienced new “survival strategies” in Fashion and BodyCare.
I have been always a digital person. The very first blog was for paintings on and one on blogger. Before that, I’ve been chatting for dating for many years. For my paintings I built various websites and organized events preparing flyers and marketing material.
After stopped painting, I started working on wellness. I opened a blog as “opinion model” where my purpose was to go around, make experiences, testing products and write reviews. I wanted to become a reference for product testing. This was not successful. But altogether I’ve been doing digital job.
I also had some months as an escort. Also for that experience I built a digital marketing structure. One blog was closed. Another one was cut. After all, I am still again on the web with many profiles and pages. Why? Because my mind goes well with digital. Design, Writing, learning, money transfer, music. The digital way of managing issues is comfortable and natural to me. I rarely date with someone met in person. Why? Too many things I don’t know. Too much match to be verified. “Being beautiful” is not enough.
You can follow me on Instagram as @chiara.Monroe or @bodyandsoul_fit or @thebodyway and
I have a blog and a FB page as ChimWeb. An additional as BodyandSoulfit.
I also took care of the male profile @ax.elmonroe on Instagrams. It is mine.
I am Monroe on Spotify.
I use YouTube mainly for study.
I never activated TilTok.
Managing all my platforms, with the burocracy problems is enough. Too many problems. No coordination.

This is very bad. It is a real shame.

A digital creator like me should be part of an exclusive club with special privileges. I have been also Microsoft insider for some Months.

Wordpress did not behave fair. I kept it for pragmatic reasons. They didn’t even answer to my queries on the closed blog “chimneway”. Important to stress, that my blog had some storytelling for adult, but noting hot. Not even the name. I never used seo and ADV to promote hot content. I used it for my clients to say “read this”, only after having established the contact
On other media.

All this is a shame. I have been punished really for envy. Only to make money on my intellectual property. I had to face a mental health procedure. If I had not reacted, I would be there, abandoned, in a small village in Italy with a remuneration from
The state for mental disease.
It’s a shame and I hate everybody. I only want what I deserve. I will have revenge in my heart until the situation is cleared. I do not forgive. I am
Not buddist. Nor Christian. I feel more sympathy for Muslim.

I don’t give a damn to somebody dead on a cross. It’s not my business. In my opinion, he died only because his holy father told him “do not worry, child, do it, resurrection is planned within 3 days from biological death after a storm and being cleaned by ladies and put in a comfortable stone shelter (sepolcro) with fresh linen clothes”

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