Hi, I'm Chloe and I absolutely love food and cooking. Some of my closest friends have been made through cooking and eating together and very often I find myself breaking the ice with strangers by talking about the food they love. For some years now, whenever I’ve gone on holiday I’ve written down recipes from people I meet along the way. Food is both universal and personal, one of the reasons I love it so much.

I also love to travel and am very interested in different cultures and people. For me, talking to the tuk tuk driver on the way to a famous tourist site is more interesting than the site itself.

Since January 2018 my husband Cassian and I have been living our dream of exploring parts of the world. I quit my job in London where I was managing an environmental network and flew to Ethiopia. Cass and I are dividing our time up between travelling and volunteering on a range of sustainability projects. So far we've visited Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya, and will spend the rest of 2018 exploring East Africa. In 2019, who know where our curiosity will take us?!

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