christi - clko

my name is christi,

i am the founder of iamlovingkindnessnetwork.

we are an online Community that meets daily in the spirit of Lovingkindness through our online schedule of Community wellness sessions. each virtual Community wellness session includes a daily check-in, heartwarming commentary & LovingKindness present moment practices. These Community joyful sessions lift our mood & creates a heart-warming sense of Hope & Wellbeing and meaningful virtual Community. For ALL.

our service was born out of covid-19. the pandemic transformed the way we all communicate, forcing employees, families and friends to virtually connect. it was quickly evident that a deeper more authentic virtual experience was urgently needed to maintain our integrity of self, affirm our place in our virtual Community and enrich and protect our mental wellness.

my background is in corporate communications, fintech and hcm. eastern & western wellness practices have always been a point of fascination for me and a life long journey of discovery that led me to achieve a teaching accreditation in; western & eastern anatomy, mind & meditation and a humbling public teaching role in west london (pre covid-19). i am an accredited yoga, mind & meditation teacher. i was taught by a guru shiv charan singh (the same teacher to maya fiennes who is very well known as the guru to the hollywood set).

the eastern and western science behind the benefits of mindfulness to wellness is widely advocated in society today and we should be more open if not already incorporating contemplative practices into our everyday lives

mindfulness-based interventions are associated with positive outcomes and used daily or a couple of times a week can sincerely maintain a sustained level of mental wellness. the benefits which are enormous can flow into all areas of our lives

mindfulness involves intentionally remembering to pay attention to the present moment experience – a disposition that defies our default preoccupation with analysing and obsessing about the past or charting out and worrying about the future (so-called mind wandering). exhausting and caustic to the human experience.

everyone needs to invest in their mental wellness daily - the pandemic has made a daily checkin of our mental health/wellness a norm and is now a regular part of our society’s conversation. hallelujah!

it has always been my primary goal to support the wellbeing of others.  the pandemic inspired the moment to put together a set of Community group practices, to connect us all in the virtual Community, thus creating a community to counter the negative impacts of pandemic social isolation. the practices we use are heartwarming, western science based & are communicated using the english language that promote mental wellness that then creates a meaningful, healthy life. their effects are amplified in a virtual regular community group that creates hope, self-esteem, boost confidence, creates a sense of belonging and a daily feeling of wellbeing. the power of the human voice when it is heard by others and heard by the self, it can transform us and nurture a daily sense of wellbeing and Community.

every human needs to take care of their mental wellness daily. everything we do starts with the first thought. living from a stress response state can take an almighty toll on our minds and bodies. nourish your mental wellness daily, sweep away the ants (automatic negative thoughts) to create a resilient, healthy, joyful mind.

what sets us apart from the mental wellness apps is we are a live, fluid service, our members in our virtual Community meaningfully engage with us instead of passive intervention. human connection in our virtual world is more important than ever and we have designed our service to create a virtual Community space daily for this real connection to take place every day.
we know every day is different and for their own reasons members might want their privacy/anonymity and they can do that by choosing to have the cameras off and just listening into the session that day. tomorrow they may want to be more involved. either way it’s up to them.

iamlovingkindnessnetwork daily Community sessions creates a momentum in people's lives to turn up daily, to protect & nurture their mental wellness whilst holding a virtual space for others. this service will go on for many years serving our global mental wellness.

as part of our monthly unlimited membership we provide over 60+ Community virtual sessions a month. each session runs for approx 30/45 mins. we recommend you attend six sessions to acclimatise you to our format, settle down the 'ants' and then you will be able to absorb the narrative, the practices, listen actively to others and then reflect deeply on the changes you have experienced in your body and mind.

iamlovingkindnessnetwork serves as a regular online daily community experience.

we hope to see you soon and often.

christi - clko