Nakita Baidoo

I am Nakita Baidoo by name i am 29 years of age female with no kids never been married 5'5 feet tall and I was born in Colorado and raised in west Africa and my race is Colorado My heritage is English, Am student i study Nursing and i just completed my education and had master degree in Nursing but i was interested in working at the Orphanage to help the needy After i graduated and i have been doing this work for some few years now and am now taking care of the Children's at the Charity home, Let come hands to hands and let help this children's because they are the future leaders, Father and mother are two precious beings. Everyone knows their value and looks upon them with respect. The parent-child relationship is structurally complimentary. Responsibility for and compassion towards the child is a matter of religious importance as well social concern. Whether the parents are alive or deceased, present or absent, known or unknown, the child is to be provided for with optimum care.
Obviously, one of the most unfortunate sections of society are children who lose their parents or are abandoned whilst they are quite young; also, children thrown on the street to fend for themselves because parents cannot make ends meet.

At Christ mission Orphanage, we provide shelter and homely atmosphere for these children. We help orphans and vulnerable children, Your help will be appreciate and granted