Chris Black

The published and unpublished manuscripts of Chris Black. A writer from Wexford, Chris has been writing and publishing poetry for the past twenty+ years. September 2016 saw his dream come to fruition with the publication of his first book Same Train, Different Track a book of Poetry and Short Stories.
Preferred reading - Autobiographies, the history of the native American Indian, plays golf badly according to those he plays with/against. Continues to try and write each day/night by giving the sawdust a shake and seeing what falls out - an eclectic taste in music, spent 16 happy years as a radio presenter in a part time capacity while "slaving" away at the coal face now enjoying all that retirement has to offer and more. Twitters badly @CJBlack2012, on Soundcloud @ C. J. Black & chris black 36, youtube @Chris Black-poetry-spoken word. You can find his "work" at - very original? When he comes up with a fresher idea you will be the first to know. If you do happen to drop by either site do let him know your thoughts, who you are and where you come from - He will in time also pay you a return visit. Thank you.

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