Chrys Fey is the woman I become when I am writing. In other words, she's my alter ego. I step into her shoes whenever I sit down at my desk or pick up a pen.

When I was six years old, I became interested in writing thanks to my mom, Elaine Kaye. At the age of twelve, I started writing my first book because of a rusted screw I found. To read that strange story follow this link: Catching a Spark.

By seventeen I had written three books in a series and was working on the fourth when something unthinkable happened . . . writer's block! I thought my muse was gone for good until I discovered the problem and, with an abundance of determination, I set about rewriting my entire series. I worked on that series for eleven years.

I published my first eBook, Hurricane Crimes, in 2013 with The Wild Rose Press. I am currently working on the sequel to Hurricane Crimes as well as the prequel to 30 Seconds. My blog is Write with Fey. Newsletter Sign-Up: