I'm a Rotarian & would like to be a fruitful Rotarian replicating clubs like the torus plant as a tool for community participation & development, mingling with diverse professionals locally & globally -sharing & learning how timely to dispense equity issues especially in developing democracies.
Education for health, advanced economics, health reporting across the years and health communication consultancy training & job experience has inspired/informed me that this world is full of realistic inequality. Mass media news & UN expert research data ALSO HAVE CONFIRMED that both the led & leaders are needlessly responsible for citizenship nonchalance & leadership apathy. Consequently, chronic corruption in the people & public officers led to poverty of good governance & often a state of anomy. There’s a way out since erosion of traditional mores and decadence of professional ethics are mainly responsible. The rat race too contributed immensely to this civic malaise. Opulence without altruistic spirit to give back to society via humanitarian actions and passion for patriotic service.
Above all - lack of dynamic civic literacy in the citizens and continuing civic education are negatively reinforcing incongruous leadership practices in all sectors and at all levels. People’s conscience are easily been compromised for pittance & their future are indefinitely injured beyond instant repair. Human Rights are trampled on in terms of basic amenities that are not in place and human rights components are not implied nor informed nor developed to guaranty child’s, patient’s ,customers and the less privileged 's individuality,health,education,freedom, access to legal aid.
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