My name is Rini. In the interests of introducing myself, I’ll write a bit about the various parts of my identity, the things I am passionate about, interested in, what kinds of writing I like to do, and what I like to write about.
I am an autistic and ADHD (disabled), bisexual/queer cisgender woman, born in Germany, living in Aotearoa New Zealand since I was a child. I live with chronic mental and physical illness and find the spoon theory a useful model for talking about getting through my days. When I talk about disability, I am talking about it in terms of the social model (not the medical model) of disability. I do not consider being disabled to be a bad thing. I am a survivor of rape and an abusive relationship.
I am passionate about social justice, and am proud to be labelled a SJW (social justice warrior). I also love gaming of all kinds (video, card, board, and tabletop roleplaying games). While not all video, card, and board games I play are RPG, of course, when I do play RPG (and my first was WoW, though I no longer play), my main character was always a Paladin, as was my first D&D character. I’ve always loved playing Paladin; the class just suits me! So, hence the blog name: Social Justice Paladin.
I am passionate about all sorts of aspects of SJ, though what a lot of it tends to stem from for me, I think, is feminism. My feminism is intersectional, a la Kimberlé Crenshaw. I exist at the intersections of being nonbinary, queer, disabled (specifically neurodivergent), and mentally ill. However, I absolutely acknowledge and do my best to recognise the privilege I do have. I am white and educated, and always willing to learn more and do better.
I am passionate about/passionately interested in feminist issues, mental health, autism (and neurodiversity more widely), disability issues and accessibility, sex and consent, philosophy (in particular ethics), gaming, religion, and books, poetry, stories, and writing.
I have a few degrees in philosophy (most recently an MA), and a forever incomplete PhD thesis (which I withdrew from) on Virtue Ethics and Sex.
I have always enjoyed writing, whether stories, academic work, poetry, or what amount to opinion pieces/rants (the latter of which have been mostly limited to either Facebook or my journaling so far).
I don’t expect to be writing any stories here. This blog will certainly all be from my perspective, and since I am not writing within the constraints of academia will tend more towards opinion, though will certainly be influenced by the academic work I have done. I may also share some poetry I have written.