About me? Hmm... I've been told I have stories to tell, should write a book, etc. I'm finally starting to agree, at least to a degree. If nothing else, writing helps me, and maybe if I put it where someone can read it, then what I have to say can help someone else. One way or another, it's a win, and here I am.
About my site? The name came to me when I was coming out the other side of a very rough spot in my life. I was climbing back over the ledge, had my head above water, however you'd like to put it or think of it along those lines; I trust you understand. I was in a very strange place, and I'd like to eventually tell you about it through here. Until then, I'll spout random things that come to mind, share some opinions, and probably rant a good bit.
I do hope someone will enjoy, and or someone will find some use from this. Even if it's just knowing you aren't alone, or someone has had a crazy time too.