The basic matters of religion has been entangled among the cobwebs of culture, so much so, that the basics and the reality have been hidden and seem to look new, something that was cooked up recently and fabricated.

Most of us, are unfortunately blinded by the mist of culture and other factors and thus, fail to recognize the reality and the truth of the matter. And also, missing on the hidden beauty and wisdom of the gift of Islam. So, in order to clear that mist on your little window and to show you the beauty and the vastness of the garden, keep reading the posts :)

P.S: Don’t get surprised if you see some random posts around here, it might be a random thought that is worth pondering over ;)

May Allah guide us to all that pleases Him and keep us steadfast on His Deen.

JazakAllahu Khairan for taking your time out to read <3