Nelson Wells

Athens, Georgia

Nelson Wells, CEO, cofounder, publicist and Spotify & radio promoter at music industry PR Firm, Team Clermont, in Athens, Georgia.

Meet Nelson Wells:
I am Nelson Wells, and I am a dad of identical twin daughters, a lover of indie music, classic cars, surfing, yoga and more.
Nelson Wells in business:
As founder of music industry PR firm, Team Clermont, based in Athens, Georgia, Nelson has had over two decades in radio promotion and music marketing, and now he heads up the team's college and NPR radio department working the best college stations and Non-Comm and public radio stations with his staff and team. Nelson's partner is Bill Benson, head of the team's music publicity department and national publicist.
Styles of music Team Clermont and Nelson specialize in are: indie music, indie Americana, indie folk, avant-garde, lo-fi pop, underground pop, Brit-pop, and eclectic indie rock of all types that work well on fiercely independent college radio. See stations like WUOG AThens, WRAS Atlanta Georgia, SCAD, KDHX, KEXP, and WTCC to see and hear what indie music works at major college radio stations like Nelson works with and promotes to.
In Nelson's own words:
I'm Nelson Wells, and I'm a dad and a small business owner with twin daughters who I adore. I'm based in Athens, Georgia and run a PR and marketing firm called Team Clermont, also headquartered in Athens, GA. In 2019 we launched our Spotify & Youtube division to great success already. We've also got a great social media team.
We've been in business since 1997 and represent independent record labels and musical artists in the music business. In 2001 we became a full-service PR firm yet kept our radio promotion department to offer a full array of services. In 2011 we began taking on technology and start-up tech companies as well as blockchain authors and CEOs who launched their companies (or books) with team Clermont and our PR teams who are led by publicists around the US and who represent clients around the world. I'm proud of what we've accomplished, and I believe our original mission; to represent the most talented and unique artists at the most open-minded media outlets in the world. period. -If you want videos of my twin girls you are welcome to visit our youtube page at. youtube called "Twins Time with Nelson Wells" by Clermont1.

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