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I am a writer at heart. I am a work in progress. I feel that what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger and gives us stories as lessons to help others.
I am a mom, wife, and more recently a grandma...
Life is a journey of stories we live. Like an empty book. We are our own authors. God is our publisher but He allows us to fill the pages ourselves. He may come in and edit a bit but for the most part He allows us to keep submitting our stuff!
The story below kind of tells you my true story.... If you have the time, I just thought I'd share it here...
I have recently finished my book. At least the bones of it. I still have a lot to do to call it "A book" but the framework is there now and I am letting it breathe for a while before I go back and edit the heck out of it. But to get a little taste of what it is all about, and have the time, you might like to visit my other blog....
Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I would love your comments and hope you come back!

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